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His Holiness Shrimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji Mathadhipati
of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan, Varanasi

The need for a Dharma Guru

Man in his search for enlightment and knowledge was longing to see God.

In order to reach God he was to lead an ideal life- the life that gives him the inner and outward happiness with perfect tranquility of mind.

Such life would lead him to salvation in the other world also.

This ideal embraces all aspects of Dharma;

Dharma is the way of life, manners, and virtues necessary for ideal life.

Its characteristic principles are courage, forgiveness, conquest-of-mind, non-coveting, cleanliness, non-discrimination, education, honesty and wrathless ness.

For achieving all this, man was to move in the company of Sadhu-Saints or the God-fearing.

To practice any Sadhana, man had to be guided and blessed by a Guru.

Self-contemplation, Concentration, Worship, Devotion – all became futile without a Guru's initiation.

Man's longing for liberation was truly impossible without a spiritual Guru.

Hence the supreme importance of a master in Spiritual life - The Guru.

Guru should be one who can make a ‘Gift of God' to his disciples – he gives god in pose to the disciples who in turn realises him in ease by following the path prescribed for him by the Guru.

The Guru's grace neutralises the poison of self-pleasure- leading him to ecstatic bliss.

The Guru instills in his disciple the light of self-knowledge.

Guru is dispassionate, engaged in spiritual discussion and meditation; he should be free of doubts, thus living in god. Initiation by such a master alone is fruitful, and leads the disciple God-ward. Guru- is thus in our culture, equal to God – Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara – the Trio who light the lamp of knowledge in man.

He is the person who can show the right path of Mukthi. Guru Bhakti is the only path on which we can tread to attain Bhakti in Parameshwara.

          Coming to the community – the Gowda Saraswaths who settled on the Konkan coast were the followers of Madhwa philosophy in which, Sri Vishnu the preserver is Sarvotham in the universe.

The Dwaita Philosophy advocated by the great Madhavacharya is the evolution of the investigation about the ‘evolution of souls and their ultimate destiny'.


The Gurus of Vaishnava Saraswaths: -

All the Vaishnava Saraswaths were originally the disciples of the Uttaradi Math of Jayatheerth.

In course of time Ramachandra Thirtha of Uttaradi Math adopted two disciples, one of whom, Vibhudendra Thirtha established a Math at Kumbakonam.

The Gowda Saraswaths of South Kanara and Kerala transferred to the newly formed Kumbakonam Math.

The people residing in Cochin invited their junior guru Sri Vijayendra Thirtha Swamiji of Kumbakonam Math to Cochin for Chathurmasya vrita in about 1539 –1540 and requested him to initiate a Brahmachari among them to Sanyasa Ashram.

In 1541, Sri Hanumantha Bhaktha was selected and taken to Kumbakonam.

The new Sanyasin was named Yadavendra Thirtha who eventually became the head of the newly formed Kashi Math at Banaras on the banks of holy Ganga.

It was Sri Vijayendra Thirtha, with his Guru's permission, who persuaded the people of Cochin to buy the land at Benaras and established the Math.


 Yadavendra Thirtha, the first Guru was the founder of the principal Math at Banaras and he was gifted with another at Bhatkal also.

The Swamiji resided in Bhatkal and his Samadhi is on the bank of River Gopi.

The Second Guru, the Shishya of Sri Yadavendra Thirtha was

Sri Keshavendra Thirtha who established a Math at Basrur.

Another one was gifted to him by Shishyas near Kundapur.

He attained Samadhi at Basrur.

Dahisar Sri Kashi Math,

Sri Vittal Rakhumai Mandir, 317-B, sudhindra Nagar, Dahisar (E) Mumbai-400068.

Tel.: 28484333, 28484926. Mobile: 98209 29745


Satellite Map of Dahisar Sri Kashi Math